Triple Shot Links # 10

I recently deployed my first Rails app into production, so I have Ruby on the brain. Here’s some interesting posts I stumbled across from the Rails world recently that .NET’ers might find interesting.

  1. The Opposite of Momentum  – An interesting perspective on the current state of Ruby on Rails according to a veteran Rubyist. The author sees the language as stagnant and offers some good technical insights into the weaknesses of the Ruby interpreter. The post also offers an interesting glimpse into how people who thrive on the cutting edge deal with the psychological hardship of suddenly becoming mainstream.
  2. The Rails Myths – This is actually a series of six posts by DHH, the creator of Rails, that seeks to address the most popular criticisms against the framework on issues ranging from reliability and deployment to usability. I included it as a balance to the first link. Although some of DHH’s arguments are definitely debatable, he rightly points out that many of the standard criticisms have been clearly addressed by newer versions of the framework or by popularization of newer, alternative plugins and tools.
  3. Why Capistrano Is Dropping Support for Windows – An interesting response by Jamis Buck, the creator of Capistrano, a popular deployment tool for Ruby on Rails. Jamis recently announced that he was dropping support for Windows. When presented with the argument in this discussion thread that there are a growing number of Rails developers on windows, Jamis reminds everyone that he isn’t getting paid to do this and will therefore chose to do whatever is intrinsically interesting to him rather than what is in the best interest of the platform. It’s a classic (and fair) open source stance, but not one that most windows and MS developers are used to confronting. However, since Open Source tools and frameworks are becoming more mainstream in the windows corporate world by the hour, it is a position that we’d all better acclimate ourselves to.

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