Triple Shot Links # 1

I decided that I liked the concept of sharing some of my favorite links each week along with my witty banter, but that I don’t particularly like the format offered by the Feedburner-Delicious integration service.

I especially don’t like how there is no way to leave comments and it is not available to people who stumble on the blog outside of an RSS channel.

So instead of doing the Delicious links, I’m just going to do publish the links as a traditional blog post with the heading “Triple Shot Links” (obviously I’ll continue with my established habit of providing three links at a time).

Here’s the first installment using the new format.

  1. Best tools for creating website wireframes – Stack Overflow - This is the first referrer link to my blog from Stack Overflow. In honor of the occasion, I finally signed up for an account tonight and started trolling for questions. So far I only have 1 pity reputation point that I got for signing up…:-(
  2. Animated Sorting Algorithms – Click on the green arrow to see a mesmerizing animation of how each sort method work. Warning: Do not watch while taking any narcotic substances! I found it through Hanselman’s latest Back-To-Basics inspired post. It’s great for anyone feeling nostalgic for their old college days or inferior for having mis sed out on a proper CS education.
  3. Hiring Expert Web Developers at Hashrocket – Describes a tempting job offer from Obie Fernandez’s company. I especially like the part about “up to 8 hours paid time per week allotted to ‘other activities’ including open-source hacking, writing books and blogs, education and other internal initiatives”. I wonder if he is bitter about my little jest about his old blog photo…oh wait…Florida…nevermind. I guess I’ll have to stick with writing my blog posts during my lunch hour and at night after the wee ones go to bed. Sigh…

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