The Echo Chamber Challenge

What started out as a simple blogging research effort quickly degenerated into a quest that was part endurance challenge and part existential masochism. I successfully completed a 50 mile ultra-marathon last year, but the mental and physical stamina required for that feat of endurance pales in comparison to this one.

I challenge you to read through the entire comment section of Scott Guthrie’s blog post announcing that Microsoft will be releasing the source code for the 3.5 framework and read every trackback blog post in its entirety. I warn you, there are more blog posts about this event after less than a day than there are stars in the sky and most of them are mind-numbingly repetitive. I only managed to make it through about 1/4 of them before I was overcome by a combination of spiritual malaise and mental anxiety that I imagine only victims of water torture experience.

Good luck in your quest. Make sure to have plenty of caffeine on hand along with the number of a good therapist or suicide hotline before starting out on your quest.

May God Have Mercy on Your Soul,
-Caffeinated Coder

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