On Ted, Avant-Guarde Presentation Styles, and My Emerging RWness

Dru first introduced me to ted.com the notion of the “Big Think”, but I had forgotten about the site until I saw a link to one of the site’s presentations referenced in one of Ayende’s recent posts.

Despite being on a seemingly dull topic (copyright law), this 20 minute presentation by Larry Lessig is riveting due to the presenter’s unique content and effective communication style.

After watching the presentation I was left with the following thoughts:

  • I need to start making my way through the other 70 plus presentations on technology hosted on Ted.com. I have a feeling that the signal to noise ratio on this site is phenomenal. Ted, the creator of the site, appears to do an excellent job of finding people at the top of their fields who have truly unique ideas and are able to convey them very effectively.
  • In my own future presentations, I think I will try experimenting with the innovative visual style of Larry’s presentation, which often only has one or two words per slide displayed at a fairly rapid pace. It’s a stark contrast to the traditional PowerPoint slides, but when done correctly, I think it does a much better job of emphasizing the main point and keeping the audience’s attention.
  • We are entering a new Read-Write (RW) era. Larry asserts that our culture has made an historical pendulum swing during the last century from a passive back to a more interactive social existence. TV and radio were primarily passive or Read-Only (R) mediums, but the democratization of publishing that has been driven by blogging, mySpace, and YouTube are reversing that trend and making people much more engaged with each other again. From my own personal experience with working on this blog and regularly following other people’s blogs, I know I have felt more invigorated, creative, socially engaged than I ever have before.
  • I need to download some video editing software and take up video remixing as a hobby.He showed a few hilarious remix videos clips as an example of how people are able to creatively transform existing content into something completely new, which is something that existing copyright laws don’t take into consideration. I recently dabbled with some video fun with the help of jibjab on these two posts, but it was nothing compared to the creativity and video editing magic that went into these three videos he showed.

Happy viewing!

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