Don’t worry, I’m not going to join the growing ranks of developers with false claims of responsibility for the the Alt.NET pursefight blog (i.e. Bil Simser, Donald Belcham, Derik Whittaker, Sergio Pereira, Tom Openorth, David Woods, and Kyle Baley) .

My confession is way more shocking.

The more astute among you have noticed that D’Arcy Lussier has shown signs of instability and even mental illness lately. Who can forget the now infamous post that featured many Paint.NET atrocities that are now banned in most civilized nations?

The reason for this disturbing behavior is simple.

His entire blog has been an elaborate hoax that I invented while freebasing experimental, synthetically engineered, black-market coffee beans during a mind-numbing HR meeting one day.

Yes, I have been ghost writing the 50 plus posts a day for years under the guise of a batcrap crazy Canadian to keep up this charade. I even went as far as to hire a homeless guy who I found mumbling to himself on a street corner to impersonate this fictitious D’Arcy character of mine at various User Group meetings and conferences to lend credence to my misguided prank.

But no more…

Due to the recent addition to my family, I’ve decided to expose my blogging sins and turn full control of the blog over to the homeless guy, Burt. For those of you who actually do like D’Arcy’s blog, I’m sure that Burt will be able to maintain the quality of the content that you have grown accustomed to in between his frequent drinking binges.

Forgive me dear readers and may God have mercy on my soul for the havoc I have wreaked on the blogosphere with this cruel practical joke.


  1. Donald Belcham April 1, 2008 11:19 pm 

    “Batcrap crazy Canadian”…as brilliant as that is, I still feel it’s an understatement

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